Social Psychology Professor

Luis Oceja Fernández is Associate Professor of the Department of Social Psychology  in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

His interests as researcher are focused on the study of the antecedents and consequents of (a) normative compliance, (b) mixed and vicarious emotions, and (c) social motives.

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Why people fulfill the norms? Both salience of a norm and the sanctions derived from its enforcement influence on its fulfillment, but is there anything else?

Creating a norms-management instrument. How are specific norms perceived by the member of a specific group, institution or society? Do such perception change?


Mixed Emotional Experiences. Can we feel two opposite emotions at the same time? What are the theoretical and applied implications of this question?

Vicarious Emotional Experiences. Observing other’s suffering may lead us to feel emotions such as empathy and personal distress. What are the differences between those two emotions?

Social motives

Between the individual and the group: the others. What happens when feel empathy for one individual in need while we are aware of the presence of others?

Studying a new social motive: Quixoteism. Is there a motive with the ultimate goal of increasing the welfare of the world? If so, which factors could activate it?