Mixed Emotional Experiences

Can we feel at the same time two opposite emotions such as happiness and sadness?, What are the theoretical and applied implications of this question? We are currently developing new measures that help us to assess the nature of this kind of emotional experiences, and how they can influence on behavior

Analogical Emotional Scale (Carrera & Oceja, 2007)

Beyond a Single Pattern of Mixed Emotional Experience (Oceja & Carrera, 2009)

Joint influence of empathy and distress (Carrera, Oceja et al., 2012)

Vicarious Emotional Experiences

Observing other’s suffering may lead us to feel emotions such as empathy and personal distress. What are the differences between those two emotions? How do they influence on prosocial behavior? Is there a personal disposition to feel one over the other? Our research try to address these questions.

Vicarious Emotional Scale (Oceja et al., 2009)

Infant-like characteristics and empathy (Lishner, Oceja et al., 2008)

Overcoming Empathy-induced Partiality (Oceja, 2008)

Qualitative differences between empathy and personal distress (López-Pérez et al., 2015)

Measuring Dispositional Sympathy and Tenderness (López-Pérez, 2017)